3 Amazing Hockey Moments that Need Their Own Movie

Think of all the sports movies out there… You probably thought of the likes of Sandlot or Remember the Titians, but you also probably thought of Miracle on Ice (or at the very least, Mighty Ducks).

The point I’m trying to make is that the game of hockey is fiercely cinematic. And while arguable the best moment in hockey was created into a film. There are other Hockey moments from both recent and distant history that haven’t been chronicled by Steven Hillard Stern… well, not yet at least. There are other similarly astounding moments and hockey stories that haven’t graced the big screen, but still deserve a spotlight.

Here are some of my favorite hockey moments that are almost too crazy to believe:

  1. The almost “pants goal”
    Let’s start with a quicky. This didn’t happen in the NHL but it did happen with Patrick Dwyer, who is a former NHL player now playing in the Elite Ice Hockey League. He decided to get creative when the puck got stuck above his pants after an attempt at a goal in front of the crease. Dwyer sneakily backed into the goal as the other players looked around for the elusive puck. While I think that it should have been considered a goal, it was ultimately ruled a no goal.
  2. The first goalie goal
    The goalies had a chance to shine as goal scorers in the year of 1979. It was kind of an accident, but let’s give Billy Smith of the Islanders credit where credit is due. Denver Colorado’s Rob Ramage cleared the puck into his own net after the team had removed their goalie during a delayed penalty against the Islanders. Since Smith was the last to touch the puck, he got the credit.
    Philadelphia’s Ron Hextall would later be the first goalie to deliberately score a goal… if you’d ask me that’d make for a better movie.
  3. Coach Patrick plays
    This moment has a special place in my hearts (as most NY Rangers moments do). It’s proof that you can still have it even after you’re no longer a young spring chicken.
    Things weren’t looking too great for the Ranger during the second game of their Stanley Cup Final series in 1928.
    Backup goalies weren’t a thing yet and they desperately needed another goalie (especially after the Senators, their opponents, refused to let them use an Ottawa Senators goalie who was in attendance). Then somehow they turned to their coach, who was a retired player (but wasn’t a goalie).
    At 44, Patrick was the oldest player to ever play in a Cup Final Game, with his record still standing today. The rangers protected their coach and went on to win the game… five games later they’d win their first cup. Wow, I have goose bumps writing this…

When it comes to sports movies, I never will understand why there aren’t more movies that have to do with hockey. Sure, I remember a few Disney Channel Original films centering around this great sport, but I wish that Hollywood paid more attention to these great moments which are deserving of a blockbuster all their own.